Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Welcome 2014

This blog was meant to be a tribute to John Denver and all he means to me on what would have been his 70th birthday, but it turned into something else, so I've had to come back and look at this again. To be sure, I made a note that his songs, his singing, his voice gave me my life back, and in many ways what else is there to say?

I found it impossible, when I first sat down to write this, to move my fingers. For someone who has been able to shape words to her bidding, I find that words fail to hold form when I try to express how much this one person has meant to me.

The grief of losing this voice that kept me afloat when all I wanted to do was sink is so deeply hard-wired into my soul, that sometimes it overwhelms me, even sixteen years later. 

To say John Denver saved my life is an understatement, but it is the truth, and the thing is, I meet people over and over with a similar story. 

Like many others, John Denver helped pull me out of a morass, and put me on a path to living a good and honest life, where helping others and the environment is part of that life. The times I have deviated from that path have proven disastrous for me, but because of that clarity of voice, I continually find my way back. He is my touchstone. 

Sometimes I think I need to be reminded that while it was a tragedy to lose him so soon, the miracle is that we had his voice at all.

John Denver, you are loved still. Your message is as true as ever. You are missed. Thank you.